Reliable runabout for £3K


Nice but too big.

We have a car that size already, needs to be Corsa, fiesta size.
Tbh, i’m still thinking about a Yaris

Would be good to have @PapaLazarou view on reliability and repair costs of small cars. :slightly_smiling_face:
I really need to have a short list of 2 or 3 models and then just buy the best one I can find.


Loaded fiesta for best in class ride and engines. Prices low used as they are so common.
Yaris for the reliability. Honda jazz for similar reliability.

At the price you quote its about finding the right mileage and spec as it’s a popular niche to buy from and sell into.




Try again please, that’s diesel :frowning:


The last five courtesy cars we’ve had here have all been Fiestas.
Jim was so impressed with our current Zetec 1.0 Ecoboost he bought one for his missus!
You should find a 2009 onwards Fiesta in budget.

Otherwise the usual Eastern suspects - Mazda 2, Yaris (ultra reliable), Hyundai i20.
Avoid French shit like the plague!!!
Oh and Minis are the devil’s work - even more unreliable than French crap.


Corsa Ds are fucking awful - avoid.


Thanks Phil

Will look at the i20 as well, hadn’t considered one of those


Oops, missed that


What do you think of these?


Can’t really go wrong on any. I’d try and drive a few as one might suit you.
The better spec ones will be easier resale.


jazz is brilliant but you won`t find many at 3k !! they really hold their price . i would bet on a vauxhall corsa as plentiful and pretty good


Can’t do a Jazz, as good as they are (MIL has one) other half will not for that reason.

In fairness the Fiesta looks a very good buy, there’s a lot of chose from around £3K, can get an 08/09 car with less than 60K. That money gets a 06 plate Yaris which is a bit too old.

Will look at Micras and Corsas as well, never owned a Vauxhall as I do not like the brand, but will get past that.

Ta muchly.




Micra K12 is solidly reliable, as you’d expect. Bloody dull though. Yaris is nicer IMO.


Has anyone mentioned the Fiesta yet?

Cos it’s the right answer…:wink:




Pants off legs open?


Nooooo! The German stuff has both poor reliability and high repair costs, and you get crap equipment levels as an un-bonus. Don’t.


Fiat 500, loved driving one as a hire car. Don’t know how they stack up in terms of reliability though.