Reliable runabout for £3K


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'Scuse me sir but your vehicle appears not to be parked in a marked bay. And when I’ve finished with you I’ll set about your friends, all of whom appear to have parked like cunts.



So hearing aid beige is cool now. Ffs are the seats done up in tartan rug with puppy pad cushioning?
I despair of today’s yoot.


@PapaLazarou what’s the Aygo like? A few keep popping up in my searches.


My mum stills loves hers.


Daughter has a '09 one and despite her best efforts she has not been able to break it other than burning out the clutch at 27,000 miles. User error. The newer ones with the contrasting X on the front paintjob are even better. However I much prefer our 5 door VW Up! has everything you need A/C heated seats and mirrors. Split fold rear seats. Room for 4 adults ( not 5) supple ride. Copes with motorway journeys of 200 miles each way easily. Just a little nosier than a much more expensive/bigger car. 53/58 mpg ( depending on how hard you drive it)


As mentioned they usually go through clutches early (usually every 40k) - other than that they’re good little town cars. Pretty reliable and economical.


Skoda Citygo is another alternative (same as the VW Up).
Steer clear of Minis and Fiat 500s. Merde.


Why is it, even with Germans running the show, this country is STILL sub-third-world at building cars?


Many years of practise…




Why ? My Mrs has never had a problem with hers and neither have her friends, who own them.


My parents have a 2004 mini cooper, bought it new. Never gone wrong, it has only done 55k mind.
I think its the newer engines which are more flakey.