Reliable runabout for £3K


Drove a colleagues Arbarth 500 - good fun and nice to drive. Way better than a Mini


Had a look at 3 today in total, including an 06 ST, that was a bit of a shed unfortunately (despite looking good in the pics), but we both liked it in principle and could be good fun to own. The other 2 bogo ones were nice cars but the 1.25 is simply too slow, our Micra is notably quicker and more punchy in gear. Will probably end up spending closer to £4K to get the right combination of condition and performance (will be a 1.4ltr minimum). If a tidy ST turns up that hasn’t been molested by its previous owners would certainly consider it. We’ve got until the 20th of March to find something which is when the current car’s MOT expires.
Thanks everyone for the pointers,


Have you had a chance to compare the old shape vs. newer shape cars? The latter are supposed to be a marked improvement.


No not yet, the one you linked above looks very smart and more modern. I’ll be trawling ebay, Autotrader and gumtree to see what £4K +/- 10% gets us. Good thing is there’s so much choice so can afford to be picky.


The new shape Fiesta is a bloody good car, drives great and is a brilliant all round package - I’d be looking to see if I could squeeze my budget to one even if it had higher miles than I’d normally consider.






a mate has a fiat panda, cost him £400 and is running very nicely so far.
Kia and high-n-dry are pretty reliable things, the rio and i20 might fit the bill, ignore the i10 and picunto gutless pieces of shite.


In case anyone is interested I bought a low mileage, totally standard 2008 ST Fiesta (was Bob’s suggestion @ICHM ). Very tidy example, full history, invoices and a fresh MOT. Cool car (in my eyes anyway) for running around at the weekend and going to the tip.

Had to see 5 to find one this good, most are uncared for or modified, spent a bit more than planned but happy with the outcome.


STs are great,


Nice for ragging round the estate and meeting up with your pals to hang round the local Aldi car park after dark :+1:

When do you have the underfloor lighting and bass tube fitted?


Before all that nonsense it needs dropping, too much arch gap. I’ll be cutting the springs next weekend.

In all honesty i am tempeted to get the ST door stripes fitted. :smile:


Fixt. Basically you need to lower it until the floor pan sparks off every road hump you go over.


another AA strapline, right there




reducing its value anyway?


My plan when I retire is a Fiesta ST to carry Curtis and the new Ms ICHM in.


y u no stance ur whip tho? no stance = no thots bro


Air ride is nuff coin. Am gonna hack the springs up with me dad’s saw.