Remap boxes


Remap tuning boxes… what are the views on these?

Thinking of getting one for my van for the last few years of its life to give an extra bit of oomph.

Especially interested in the views of members who have no mechanical nouse and ideally haven’t even a license.






Are you looking at the ones that give more power, increased performance whist giving improved MPG?


Luckily they did a reverse mapping job on mine to slow it down.


Dunno. Is it some sort of bucket upgrade?


I think so.


Mazda RX8.


Would you like to buy some magic beans? :roll_eyes:




The above is just a general Yer Maw, directed to all replies, past and future.


@PapaLazarou does them.


It’s perfectly possible to get better MPG, power and performance with a remap. Just not all at the same fucking time, i.e. if you drive it the same way you did before the remap it’s likely you fuel economy will improve. If you drive like a Jonathan Palmer wannabe, you won’t get 35 on a run.


Just a bit more poke is all I’m after really.


Not even in a Lexus L430? :thinking:


If you drive like James Palmer you won’t get 20 on a run.


You mean with the seat really far forward and your knees around your ears?


Subaru Impreza


Mazda MX5


Random words.