Remton 383 MkII Phono stage loading help

Does anybody know or have a copy of the Remton 383 MkII loading dip switch configurations please ?

Just looking at them on the unit, they don’t seem to make a lot of sense :confused:

Have you tried contacting Jack?

Or email

Googled this

A little confusing are the values printed next to the dip switches, which apply only for MM cartridges. When set to the MC the values differ from the print. Which is which is nicely mentioned as a table in the manual of the Remton 383Mk2. So is the 100kΩ position on the dip switch also the setting for 250Ω when the MC Low switch is set. And when this switch is set to “High” that same position forms a 1kΩ load.

Thanks Chris; perfectly opaque :confused:

Sorted now. Thanks chaps.