Replacing a Wadia on the cheap

Seem to be catching a lot of lifes lemons recently.
Our Wadia 850 has shred another gear. They are getting very hard to find and I’ve heard dubious things about the rusky metal copies, also looks a bitch of a job.
So I’m now thinking about a replacement cdp.
Money is very tight at the moment so I want something that’ll still be fun but cheap.
Any ideas? I’m clueless on what’s good or not these days.

I may be able to find a gear. Which one was it?

It’s gear B, the yellowing one at bottom of photo

Don’t suppose you know how to fit it?

Fitted a couple. Will have a look when I go back to my place. Give me a couple of days.

Might be able to find a reasonable CDP to keep you going. There should be a vrds or two knocking about somewhere.


Thanks mate. If I can replace the gear without breaking anything else it’ll save me some spendage

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Find somebody with a 3D printer.

Do they sound as good as a Wadia?


I have a 3D printer but doubt it would do those teeth fine enough. However would be perfect if you can model it accurately.

Nothing to model it from, the original has bits missing

Is this any good?

Unfortunately not. Mines an 850.

Sorry. Another case of not fully reading the post.

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Gotta be worth trying the dodgy gears, you won’t find a decent replacement that cheap.

In case it’s FUBAR, the most surprising CDP I ever owned was a boggo Marantz CD67 - sounded great to start with, and responded extremely well to a fairly simple PSU upgrade (smoothing caps + diodes + voltage regs)

Picked mine up for £15 on Gumtree - any CDP pf theirs from the 90s to the 00s is basically the same schizzle in a slightly different box. and all cheap as chips.


I have vrds 7,9& 10 mechs. Should be able to find master off of them. Will see what I can dig out.
But not today, as it is snowy and I can’t be arsed going back to my dismal hovel.

No rush :slight_smile:


Wrong gear :wink:

It is a cmk4 mech, but that is the gear for the tray bit. The one needed is the one for the laser mech that yellows and goes brittle over ttime.