Reporting suspicious behaviour... or not

So yesterday I was walking out the house to my car and on the other side of the road, three sketchy looking characters were loading a new looking suspension mountain bike into the back of a van. I only heard snatches of conversation but pretty sure I heard them talking about finding someone to sell it to.

I took a picture of the van with the reg plate, and the driver saw and became quite agitated. Started waving at me and then came over to ask why I was taking pictures of his van. It had a builders logo on the side so I said I was planning some building work and wanted to get quotes and was taking a pic for the number. That seemed to pacify him and he went off.

Anyway, is it worth letting the local police know of the reg plate and what I saw in case anyone reports a missing bike, or am I just wasting my/police’s time? It may all be completely innocent as well, suspicious as it looked.

I fear you know the answer…

Look on the local Facebook page, someone might just be trending. Then you can give them the picture and they can call some mates in.

I do the same around here, because of horses and dogs, among other things.
If nothing comes of it, so be it, but if that van comes up in police business, the more infornation they have, all the better.




I’d file the report. It’ll be a minimal waste of the police’s time (they’ll have civilians on it) and might just help someone get their property back, and felons get some justice.


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It’s really very simple to cross refer it to thefts in the area.
If they can match it you will have evidence.
If not you haven’t wasted much time. Ask to speak to the local beat officer / PCSO and talk them through it for advice?

Thanks all. Sounds like it makes sense to let them know then.


I didn’t know pet theft was a thing until today when there was an article on how it’s becoming a growing issue. Wtf’s wrong with people?

Definitely report it, either via 101 or online.
It makes our job a lot easier and helps to build Intel. As said above, if nothing comes of it there’s no harm done.

my vet tells me here have been 6 cat thefts in this vicinity over the last 5 or so years. Typically they nick your cat, owners put up signs offering a £50 quid reward or similar. Owners get a call, say you can have moggy back for £1000 or more… vet tells me all owners he knows about paid, 2 got their cats back.

One of the reasons Z&M are indoor cats.

Wish someone would take my fucking cats.

“If you want me to take them back, you’re gonna have to pay me” :rofl:


They were on about Cat theft on R4 this morning. Who knew they ate so much Rhodium.

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How many cats are in the vicinity?

almost every house on our road.

So a couple of hundred cats in the vicinity and 1.2 cats a year get stolen?
A cat is probably more likely to be run over than stolen.


I’d say about 15. Anyway all taken were expensive breeds, and we are talking about people’s pets here not a risk assessment.

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