Resizing Forum Image

Any idea how to make the text/image of the forum larger. My PC has spontaneously made the font size tiny and reduced the width of the image. It is making my aged eyes hurty…:disappointed:

Hold down the Ctrl key and move the mouse wheel away from you

Sit closer to the screen. Failing that how about an eye test :nerd_face:

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No mouse here. Shit trackerpad thing on hideously bad HP Elitebook.

At my age, after decades of self abuse I’m amazed I can even see. Failing that, how about a friendly boot to the nads? :kissing_heart:

Have you tried Ctrl + or - ?

This resizes in a lot of browsers.

You may have inadvertently done a Ctrl - or two as you beat your head off the keyboard earlier today.


Much Betterer. Ta!

Heh, heh, “beat your head off”, heh

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You’ll go blind or deaf. I’ve forgotten which…

I should have Ctrl and + or - is the same as wiggling the wheel on the mouse.
I can stand the pads on laptops I use a small wireless mouse with mine all the time.

Agreed. I used a USB mouse, but all the usb sockets, bar the one connected to my DAC spontaneously died recently. This machine is for the knackers.