Reterminating a schuko plug query

How much would you charge for reterminating the plug please?


Got to be the standard £180 call-out fee plus the usual £180/hour I’d have thought - and he’s worth every penny too - before the usual bluddy hinge-bodgers and pipe-monkeys start-up their sniping :+1:


Stand away from the screwdriver

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You could just go and buy a mains lead from a shop for a few pounds and save you some hassle. It will do the same thing.
Sell the Schuko cable to a fool.

I might even send you a free cable if you let me know what fuse rating you want. I have lots of them.


^ This.

Step away from the tomfoolery and spend your time on something more useful.



Signal projects I presume.

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I use these with Schuko plugs

If it’s a fancy cable then reterminating destroys the value.

Thanks Bob. I had seen those. It transpired it was a fake Furutech.

Remember to fit your fuses the right way round because I read on the internet that “all good fuses are directional”.

The engineer in me has a sneaking suspicion this may be tommyrot, but best not to risk it, eh!


Unterminated genuine Foofootech cables starts at £32 / m, UK plugs from ~£60 and IEC ~£30 (no I don’t sell 'em before the vigilantes get their fucking hair on fire) - seems daft to cannibalise fakes when you can make your own for the price of a few pints in some crappy London pub.

Ooh good tip. Have you got a link ?

Yup. I’ve made up about 8 so far using parts like you describe. I wouldn’t touch a fake.

Do you need foo dealer status?