REW + Roon + Microphone

Think I might have a go at measuring speakers/room and don’t want to spend £100 on the usual miniDSP microphone, any opinions if this one would do the job at £30?

Yes, but you’ll need a mic. preamp with phantom power if you don’t have one.

You really want a calibrated one. Parts express used to do one.

Didn’t read the description (business as usual), assumed it was USB

So I need a calibrated, omni USB version?

Yeah, it’s isn’t and as Edd says, ideally should be a calibrated.

Still needs phantom power etc.


So just get the minidsp one.

My XTZ Room Analyzer kit is with Wayne @crimsondonkey . You are welcome to use it. Has everything you need in one box.

Thanks for the kind offer but I want something that’s here long term to bugger about with

Seems the easiest, just being tight!

The price is fair, built in mic pre and calibration file, never going to be that cheap. Calibration used to be £50+ if you sent them off.

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You can keep it long term. I haven’t seen it in two or three years!

UMIK-1 ordered, thanks for the help and kind offer of loan.