Just moved the system to a new set up in the new music room (aka The Garage) and for the first ever time I’m getting RFI. What do I need to do? Do I have to ditch all my cables and ICs and get screened ones.? Do ferrite rings work?
As I’ve said, I’ve not had to deal with this before so any useful advice would be appreciated.

what gripper rods are you using?


When you say RFI do you mean the local taxis or some sort of continuous background hash ?


Line your room with audiophile tin foil. If you have any left over, make yourself a helmet.


Last night I got some weird German radio station, AM presumably. No interference from cab companies as they don’t exist down here

The best ones made from purest Unobtanium

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Looked at Amazon and ordered

They were asking if unobtanium was a real element on Radio 4 yesterday.

Well, we all know the answer to that👍

Check the earthing, with a simple tester.

As my electrical skills start and finish with putting a plug in the socket how do I test?
And jus saw your link. I’ll order one :+1:

You probably need to be standing on top of the world - See illustration below - Garages are known blackspots


Checking the earthing is a good starting point, although if it’s defective then German radio will be the least of your worries (switch the kit off with a stick and get a sparky in pronto).

The other thing worth checking is that the grounding of your source components (particularly cartridge/turntable/phono stage) hasn’t been altered in the move. It’s not impossible that an interconnect has failed internally, although that can often generate conspicuous hum too. You can either test them (needs a multimeter) or swap them around and see if the problem goes away. If it’s not there the whole time then that can be a slow and tedious process I’m afraid.


You will need to move your garage so as to align it with the local ley lines. This is the only cure.

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Thanks VB - I’ll do a bit of checking and swapping of ICs later.

I used to be able to pick up the local Radioham on my old Mission speakers where we used to live, I changed my speaker cables to Kimber 4PR (woven RFI cancelling foo wire) and it disappeared…


True story.

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In our last house I sorted out RFI (sounded like my phono stage was picking up Radio Moscow on clear nights) temporarily by simply moving the kit around and dressing the cables carefully. I solved the issue permanently by moving to our current house and selling that entire system (and a couple of others since then :clown_face::clown_face: come to think of it).