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Some of the finest critiques and off base opinions hail not from finely honed journalism but rather from the scrawlers on the toilet walls of the internet. - YouTube is a haven for such warriors, Amazon reviews and a bunch of others are equally entertaining


“Summer '84 (I was 20) …was spent devouring VU…in October of the same year I found myself at a party steaming on Southern comfort and lemonade…I tried speed and copious amounts of mushrooms for the first time in my life…that night saw me fleeing across the park from a Viking hoarde…dressed in just me jeans…laying on my back watching stars shoot lasers at each other…fucked up took me four years to go in lift…went on holidays to France and Italy on the bus…I couldn’t fly… forced my girlfriend to take buses instead of the tube…stopped taking sugar in my tea…sold all my VU albums…and here I am listening to the album for the first time since then…When I’m closing in on death…and I know all the words…”


A good friend of mine is totally addicted to reading those comments threads, for exactly that reason. He swears by them.


Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus

“Personally, I am actually torn between two faiths. While your god’s promise of eternal life is very persuasive, the Papua New Guinean mud god, Pikkiwoki, is promising a pig and as many coconuts as you can carry.”

Ministry - Jesus Built My Hotrod

“Considering all the Ford production plants in Mexico, the chances are Jesus did build your hot rod.”



“It’s 1975. I’m in the military. It’s 4:00 am and I laying in the rack listening to my $3000.00 stereo. A local rock station in Seattle plays a tune I’d never heard before. It’s 10cc doing “not in love”. I remember thinking, what a cool song to listen to, quietly, early in the morning. It’s still is a cool song to listen to today, and it’s 2016. Amazing! … and I still have that stereo. Very cool!”


‘imagining myself spending hours at muji trying out every single pen listening to this until I get kicked out…’


LOL, the cunts that read biblical prophecy into every fucking album ever recorded :crazy_face:


“hell yeah i love rocking this record while i take long shits in the morning”
“I thought I’d seen it all, but now I’m arguing with someone under a Fancy video on YouTube who thinks I’m a robot controlled by the Rothschild family.”
“This is truly something that bothers the hell out of me. I really want to create a special type of underwear for men that holds the head of your dick exposed a couple inches above your waist while you put a little adhesive sequined pasty over the pee hole. then you walk around and every time a woman glances down there you put your hand over your dick and ask in a shocked, accusatory tone, “are you looking at my dick?!!” of course, I’ve spent $300 on this special dick bra, I’ve spent $500 on my diamond crusted pasty, I’ve spent $100 dollars on a Brazilian dick wax, and I’ve applied dick rouge and dick moisturizer, but I can’t believe you’re looking at it!!!”






Please elaborate…


She was fucking pissed at me when I told her I wouldn’t date her because she has herpes. She was like, “I didn’t ask for this!” Well, me neither, which is why this isn’t happening!

It’s too bad, because she was a cool chick with a great body (and a terrible tooth to gum ratio).


Tender moments…

SXI96 3 months ago
“reminds me of late nights doing anal on my first love, beautiful song”





A pattern emerges


School boy error right there