Riley needs a new home

This is really hard so can I please ask everyone to not be too judgemental on my decision.

Riley our 10 year old Tom cat needs a new home, it has taken a year to pluck up the courage to do this and he is a lovely lad.

We have 3 Parson Russell terriers who have been getting more and more aggressive with him to the point that he can’t come in the house.

If there is a well known member who could help with a new home please PM me.

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Good luck, Cosmo.

It must be such a difficult thing to contemplate, much respect for putting the wellbeing of the feline first. :+1:

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Thanks Paul, much appreciated.


Please tell me you don’t live close to Bristol…

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Aww man, what a sweetie!

Not really, Suffolk.

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What part of the country do you live in?

Well, I do need to pick up an amplifier from Dom… but I suppose Suffolk is a bit of a detour from Bristol to Sussex. Shame, he’s a fine looking feline.


I think we are fairly close, I’m near Diss.

Talk to the wife, in the morning.


You need to change your forum name to cat?can_do!

The reality is I would drive him anywhere in the country for the right home.

He is an outdoors cat that likes a bit of comfort now and then.


We used to rescue cats. Have had too many to mention. We have been catless for 2 years now.


Wanna bet?



If he’s a country cat, it wouldn’t be fair on him to be dropped into suburban Bristol. Plus my girls are nagging almost every day to get a dog…

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Sounds like you need some cats

Yes! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Re-home the canines and keep the non problem feline…

Don’t take that to heart dog lovers…its just that I have seen this situation arise quite often…its exactly how we we ended up taking in our neighbours old boy Bilbo…



Ok, you win!

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How’s Riley?