RIP Hifi Wigwam

It was a great site I met some of my best pals on. That’s it, really.


Agreed. I’d never have thought I’d make such great friends when I started on there. It’s been fantastic.


In fairness, this is pretty much any manufacturer specific forum (not just audio). Sooner or later, a subset of people who apparently have the means to reply to any thread, posted at any time take over with the keenly held opinion that something that ceased production not less than fifteen years ago is the single best thing the company made and everything else is shite.

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Just this.


It was more around the release of new products, the speculation around their announcements was causing confusion with people getting the wrong end of the stick or just making completely wrong and bullshit statements about what Linn were releasing. Especially in the mid/late 2000’s when they were developing a lot of new streaming stuff.

I’m certainly fascinated to see where Discourse goes longer term. I think most people now who want to setup some sort of community space are heading straight for Discord, or maybe Slack depending on the use case. But it’s way more insular on Discord, nothing is getting crawled by search engines etc.

HFWW died when James sold it. That’s by no means an accusation - he bore the ultimate burden of the insanity that running it generated - but one person really does make all the difference, and once he (deservedly) cashed-out, it was all over bar the long, drawn-out, embarassing death-rattle.

There’s also no avoiding the fact that - incredibly annoying cunts though you all are - 90% of the people worth a toss on WW moved here permanently, leaving mostly cunts behind there. Even had I not been permabanned and unhappened there, there was nothing to go back for!

FWIW, it’s twatphones that are killing forums. However 20/20-vision-young-&-nimble-fingered you may be, the interface is shit, aiding the slump to a consumer-only relationship with social meeja.

I for one welcome our new propagandabot overlords…


The best thing I can say about the Wam is that it led me and many others to here to find friends and a great community.


oddly, in spite of being on PinkFish, Roon, AVforums, and historically Cyrus Unofficial, I never signed up to the WAM so it’s hard for me to feel the same sense of loss over it. But I’m glad that for many they have found a welcome home here, as I (mostly) Have :slight_smile:

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^ This. ^

It did have it’s moments but it feels more like a (care) home here :grinning:

I think my favourite time was when the dude (can’t remember his name) kept buying ever larger and more expensive speakers only for his missus to tell him to get rid.

The photo of the ones taller than his daughter was a classic.


That was something like Steve67 or something wasn’t it? He started an arms race speaker buying war with himself!

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Wasn’t it him that wrote ’ Another Mammoth Review" prompting Cloth-Ears to start a spree of posting reviews of mammoth shaped cuddly toys on Amazon and then linking to them. He Wasn’t often funny (imv) but that was hilarious. :laughing:


I refuse to get into navel-gazing about the Wam. It was great for a while, then it wasn’t.
Hey-Ho !

It was a melting pot of the glorious and the putrescent. I struggle to get emotional about it. It was of a time.

It was, as others have stated, a place to meet some fab people and make friends.


I used to really like the Wam but I’m not even remotely sad about its demise.


This sort of sums up my views. It is all so long ago now that I can hardly remember half of it and struggle to forget the other half…


Loved the WAM in the JP days, not so much since. AA is better / different (delete as appropriate), as it’s about so much more than hi-fi.


The report on the IO was the best posting!

Should’ve saved it.


That is about as good as it gets :grinning:


The WAM begat Scalford.
The biggest bake off ever with a bar!

It’s shining moment that cemented a lot of friendships
(Whatever happened to Lionel?)


Sort of sad, but also moved on years ago.

I would hate to add up all the time I spent either on that site reading and posting or kicking the database back in to action for another 6 months :rofl:

My best memories are definitely the bake offs that have led to friends and experiences plus Scalford shenanigans.