Robert Bastanis open baffle drive units

For sale a set of drivers and 2 plate amps plus instructions to make a pair or Bastanis open baffle speakers.
The drivers are the 12 inch chrystal wide band which are about a yr old.
Compression tweeter are the gemini which on Roberts advice i turned into dipoles.
And there are 2 12 inch bass units,2 plate amps and 2 plywood horns for the tweeters.
The bass units tweeters and amps are about 8 yrs old.
There are no resistors or cable or caps with this lot as i have used them elsewhere.
There is loads on the web about these more than i can tell you.
Collection from Chichester, West Sussex,or you can sort out your own courier.I still have the boxes in the loft.
Looking for £700.00
pic 1 Chrystals.
pic 2 bass units.
pic 3&4 tweeters.
pic 5 amps.
pic 6 plywood horns


Excuse my ignorance, but what type of speaker could these be used in? Open baffle obviously bu would the bass units sit in a sealed box? Thanks.

Yes the bass units are supposed to be in a sealed enclosure.They are only there to add a bit more bottom end.

Would you be able to point me in the direction of a suitable design for these drive units?

They are supposed to look like this when built,but the drivers do come with full instructions.

I had mine more like thisprom1
Hope thats a help as i say there is loads on the web,they were very popular kits.Robert no longer sells the kits but he is involved with who sell almost the same kits,check them out.

That’s great thanks.

Open to offers!

Price drop £650.00.

Price drop £600.00.