Robot vacs

I am fascinated by these things but suspect they are 97% bullshit and 3% robotic dream machines.

Have any of you taken the plunge? Regrets? Unbridled joy?

What sort of houses do they actually work in?

Bungalows :blush:


You have a dog don’t you? In which case absolutely hell no unless you’re willing to deal with it smearing an errant shit across all your carpets.

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I don’t want one. I want to hear tales from people who do have one.

As for errant shits, I am not sure what sort of establishment sir thinks this is :joy:

Even the best behaved dogs have accidents, and Sod’s Law says it’s going to be right in the path of the robot.

My sister bought one about a year ago. She has two (very compliant) dogs and a mixture of hard floors and carpet

She has affectionately named it Geoff and I think Geoff has now relegated my brother in law further down her list of useful things.

I know she is genuinely happy every time the App chimes to tell her Geoff has begun his scheduled work and by and large his vacuuming is efficient and effective.

As I’ve considered investing in one, she did advise me that:

  1. The mop that is included with hers is crap and adds faff, cost and spillage risk

  2. Ideally you want to be able to get dining chairs off the ground before you set your Geoff going, though you’d have probably worked that out yourself!

Good luck

In fact I last received a photo update on Geoff on 2nd January 2024!

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I’ve had two Roombas for the last 7 years and they are great. One upstairs and one downstairs. Setup with schedules so they automatically hoover 3 times per week.

Great thing is they go over the same spot at least 3 times so they do more coverage than you do with a normal vacuum cleaner.


My ex had one that had come from Wish or eBay or somesuch. It was largely hopeless but it could just about cope with an open plan kitchen/diner and a lounge on the understanding that it would usually get trapped under the sofa at least twice.

I’m waiting for a robo Henry with the same indestructable thunderbastard vibe as the wired ones. Then I’ll jump.

I only want to see videos of cats riding in them.


Fairly niche, but whatever lubes yer tubes….


If it detects that the location is in need of more cleaning, it apparently goes back over it.

And obviously

The issue is pets if you don’t they are practical …
If you have a saniflo , you have the stripe , full corporal awaits

I bought one for £120 from Aldi when Harben was born to assist with the cleaning. I have to say it worked pretty well. It only sucked up small fluff, but the carpets looked cleaner. It malfunctioned after a while, it couldnt dock back to the charging station. It was working apart from that. I’m intending on taking it to a local charitable repair centre to see if they can fix the minor fault.

Fucking lol