Rogue 1

It’s really very good. Go see it.


Going to take the bairns to see it over the crimbo holidays… Can’t wait!

Going to see it in T minus 17 minutes.

I saw it first :wink:

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We’re going between Xmas and New Year.

Think we’re going to see Fantastic Beasts this weekend.

Will be seeing it tonight. Can’t wait

Sam and I are going to see it ASAP!

I currently have the whole of Curzon Mayfair screen 1 to myself. Beat that :wink:

Going next week.

Going this evening, will it be ok drunk?

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For you yes, for others, less so.


Off tonight.
Cheeky bloody niece asked if I was going to paint myself gold and go as C3P0…

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More accurate.



The potential for spoilers is huge so I’ll just keep my pie-hole shut.

But, the defector pilot … what else have I seen him in? Must Google.

I won’t touch myself. Not after the last time.

Just remember Wookey Hole is a place, not a sexual treat…


I beg to differ.

I didn’t think you had to beg. :wink:
No wonder he’s always groaning loudly…

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Has it got a prog soundtrack?

Oooh yes! Something by Guilt Machine would be just the thing to top off a new Star Wars movie :thinking: