Rolls Royce Sweptail

There is one ugly car. £10m for that fuck no.

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Looks better form the back, side view is not nice

Looks ok to me.

Passed by a huge one the other day with the number plate BI6 BOS

at first I thought it looked like a cut’n’shut with a strange rear welded to a RR front… but weirdly it is growing on me - I quite like it.

No price given, but yea, if I had the money to spunk away, every day of the week. Love it.

Telegraph says £10M.

It’s a bit like a posh motor boat isn’t it?

I also liked this one, he forgets to mention the few dozen diamonds in the wood arm caps.

A rather like it. I’m less enamored with the front end treatment.

Agreed. the front is hideous. I like the concept although it does all seem unnecessarily hefty particularly behind the rear wheels. Vintage coach built Rolls (& Bentleys) had more lightness & grace about them despite still being very substantial cars.

Not strictly comparable as these are coupes.

I also don’t like the rear lights on any of the recent RR’s.


It looks like a Zil or some hideous Yank wagon from the 1970’s