Route to Wolverhampton help

Hi Guys I need your assistance one more .I’m attending my Uncles funeral in my birthplace Wolverhampton but I’m unsure of the directions …I don’t wish to go across the M62 to the M6 ,I prefer M1 then maybe A38…Problem with this route Sat navy’s want to send me along the M6 toll road ,does the normal M6 run alongside or do I have to bite the bullet …Any help very much appreciated …It’s Bushbury suburb near M 54 that I need to be …Cheers Micky

Most sat nav have a setting to turn off tolls.
If you can spot one?

Normal (non-Toll) M6 goes through the middle of Birmingham, so it’s a LOT busier.

From the NE I’d go A1, M1, M42, M6N up to Jn 10 then off to Wolverhampton.

If you want to avoid the Toll and the M6 heading South.

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You could do the A38 through Derby and Burton, then the A5 instead of the M6T. Both those A roads are mostly dual carriageways, although not quite as fast as motorways.

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Wolverhampton is dreadful for morning traffic. A50 across to stoke then down to Stafford on m6 and go right after stafford


Not cheap,but would the train be better?

Crossing from the M1 to the M6 isn’t fun at the best of times. My suggested route would be:

M1 → A38 → A50 → A518 → M6 (South) → M54

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Not really Stu as it’s a family funeral …I aim to visit my mums grave as well and I’m staying over in a Premier Inn so the car is important for me …Thanks for the suggestion but .

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Thanks for all the suggestions Guys. I’m leaving Teesside around 9 ish on 16th Feb and returning the next day .Will explore the different routes before hand :+1:. It will be a bit emotional for me as some of the family I’ve not met before, I left Wolverhampton in 1953 ( long story) and only connected again around 2000… My uncle was 92 when he passed and apart from his surviving brother who is 96 I have no more older relatives…