Royal Mail Special Delivery - No Signature Required

Quick heads-up to anyone buying or selling valuable items: Royal Mail (and other carriers) are officially not capturing signatures, nor directly handing-over items. Sensible stuff, and wouldn’t be a problem but for the fact a few posties and carriers are taking it as licence to drop and run, in some cases without waiting for the door to be answered. This obviously leaves things open to theft and fraudulent claims of non-delivery. Plan accordingly :+1:


I had an Aqua DAC delivered on Thursday by DPD, luckily they left it round the back of the house.

It had been there for a while before I spotted it.

Good advice.

I suspect there will be a lot of scams made possible by the new, but neccessary, rule changes in all sorts of usually secure systems. It’s sad, but there will always be cunts willing to profit from these things.

Also, if you are frail then maybe put deliveries in the shed for a day or two and then wash your hands.

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SARS lives up to 5 days on paper, so a week is sensible … or, you know, wash yer hands after handling…


There are enough frightened, angry members of the general public out there that any scammers who are identified will be risking summary and unpleasant vengeance. My real fear is that the perfectly innocent might be at risk of this too (remember the mob outside the paediatrician’s house).



Been like this since Tuesday for every courier coming to work, only the brave ones come in the door. The others push it open a bit before kicking the parcels in

Yep, we haven’t been capturing signatures since last weekend.

The procedure for stuff too big to go through a letterbox is scan the barcode, plonk the item on the doorstep/path, knock, step back a few feet and wait for the customer to answer. When they do, sign the delivery off yourself. If they don’t answer then write out a card and take the item back, unless there are safe place instructions.

Anything small enough to go through the box is obviously just going to get signed off and stuffed through.

There’s obviously some scope for cuntery on both sides of the door with this system, unfortunately.


postie knocked yesterday and handed me some vinyl I didn’t order

It was mine, please send to Paul Mac, Fetlar.

It’ll get here, don’t worry.


Same here, except that I was expecting a delivery. Although I had no idea which records they were as I am such a fucking fiend for LPs and have a few on order.

Maybe it’s something to do with the Christmas tip we give him every year. He has even stopped me on a different street and handed me flat, square parcels with my address on.