Rugby A Game For Gentlemen

France could put more points on Wales than they did against England the way this is going

Wales rallied somewhat against the onslaught, more than England did last week

I am satisfied with the Welsh performance. This says a lot about how much they need to improve.


That sending off has ended the game effectively.
Shame, much better performance from England

A penalty at most for me. Harsh.

Terrible call.
He had no chance to do anything.
Agree with Clive. It’s an accident with a yellow to appease.

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Congratulations Ireland
Worthy Grand Slam winners.
Players don’t get a chance to do that very often so well done one and all.

Much better from England, at least they can take something from this game.


England played very well. Ireland seemed good value for the win.

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I can’t decide on the red card. There was clearly no malice, and I think that he was thrown by it looking like the dude was going to kick. I think that could be sufficient mitigation to be a yellow.

Ultimately it caused a head injury sufficient for the player not to be able to return, so I’m failing to have too much sympathy really.

It’s always a shame when such incidents effectively decide a game, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to have an argument along the lines of “if you don’t protect the safety of all players, you will lose the match”

Anyway I thought that the yellow was probably worse!


True but England had nothing to lose. There is a long road ahead.

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Didn’t mean to delete that!

I completely disagree. It’s a shit decision. Zero intent and things like that just happen. Protect the players? Don’t play rugby.
Sometimes it’s just one of those things!

As you well know, “I didn’t mean it guv” is not normally considered a defence :grinning:

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Italy didn’t get the wooden spoon after all.


Love the fact that Ireland get an extra point for winning a tournament that is decided by who gets the most points. :man_shrugging:

You get 3 extra points for winning the Grand Slam. This removes the possibility that a team with 4 wins (all with bonus points) and a loss (scoring 4 tries and losing by less than 7) could place above a team with 5 wins (all without bonus points).


A system designed by a three quarter, no forward could have thought that out all by themselves :grinning:

Freddie’s red rescinded.

Obvious error is obvious.

Cracking game Aus v Arg this morning, well worth a catch up. ABs looked strong against SA

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