Rugby A Game For Gentlemen

It’s been the most entertaining half of the WC to date.

Pretty much anything could happen (and often does)


Watching the majority of tackles by both teams, I don’t think I’ve uttered ‘oof’ so many times in one game for a long time. Hard fought game.

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What a great game!
Best of RWC so far

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Unbelievable, top draw stuff.

Fantastic game.

Wales benefitted from every marginal decision though.

Lucky, lucky Wales.

Uruguay giving the French a game here


Pah, they’ve disallowed their try

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Shame about the block

Thanks for the reminder, I forgot it was on ITV4

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Ooh, getting interesting

Uruguay are no mugs

Astonished that international players don’t know the rules regarding offside at kicks

Well the IRB do like to fuck around with the laws every 5 minutes.

If it wasn’t for some basica Uruguay would be passing this

Yeah but that law has been there for as long as that bloke has been playing
If he was a forward he would have an excuse fo not knowing, but the backs should know better :grinning:

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Tremendous effort from Uruguay to run France as close as they did.

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Fiji eh.

Fiji are always entertaining, but even better when they are winning!

Fiji are immense in the rucks.

A real chance of an upset here