Rugby A Game For Gentlemen

The Fijian/Australian agents have done their job :grin::muscle::grin:


Fiji have been a joy to watch and I hope they progress to the knock out stage.

Great win!

I feel less bad about the England Fiji result now!

I had a chat to Nick Farr-Jones in the early 90s and his mantra was; “Underestimate Fiji at your peril”.

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Scrappy stuff.

Japan very much still in this.

Too many box kicks and static break downs.
Time get some phases and some pace in the hall.

Basics needed at the set pieces.

Mitchell is bringing nothing.
The back line has too many forwards in the way.


Mad try

Sone decent speed and passing made it.

Joe Marler!

one of the rare times that you can say Marler has used his head!

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Loving the passive tackling approach :roll_eyes:

My local boy. FoL #2 has had beers with him

Proper try!

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Runners taking the ball moving.
Not hard.

Count how many times a row of forwards overrun the ball after the second pass. I’ve seen so many forward passes in midfield, to static lumps.

For much of the game it was unconvincing, scrappy, mistake ridden and no discernible plan. Smith gave us a bit of the X-factor when he came on but apart from that there were very few reasons to get excited.

Vital win and bonus point but I shudder to think how they will fare when they meet a top side.


Italy responsible for their own downfall with 2 yellows in the first half (one of them looked very harsh IMO)

Italy 7-17 Uruguay

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Fuck, that was some try

And again.
La France are on :fire:

54-0, and it’s only halftime…pundits set to mute.

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