Rugby A Game For Gentlemen

I know it’s just Namibia, but France are playing Harlem Globetrotter rugby.

100 pts on the cards here

Argentina v Samoa, some big ugly people in both teams. Of coarse I wouldn’t be so offensive to their faces, wouldn’t wish to offend.

That hair though

The Samoan mullet, could catch on.

Samoa have been a bit disappointing.

Not over yet!

Tis now


Ooh, Mako Vunipola is in the pub! And another few Saracens players :heart_eyes:

Kinell, SA v Ire - talk about an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object - brutal :flushed:

Great first half from Ireland
Lets hope their forwards can stay in the game when SA bring on a fresh pack.
Well referreed, first match I can remember for a while where there were no cards in the half

Great first half.

Proper rugby, sad to say it’s way beyond anything we’re capable of producing.

In honour of the first half

Shows how much the game has changed when a 2nd row forward is picked up and held aloft by a winger!

Ah, ballacks

I know nothing about rugby,but looked like a forward pass

What’s with the shining light from the bench?

Coaching signals
They stopped Rassie Erasmus being ‘water boy’


All down to kicks.
Why Ireland didn’t kick the first half options I have no idea.