Rugby A Game For Gentlemen

6N time again.
Before World Cups when there was an occasional tour this was it.
I can still remember the excitement of the 5N as a kid :grinning:

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Shaun Edwards must be eating his beret watching this French defence.
Ireland playing well though.

La France implosion.
Le HAH! :rofl:

Ireland looking in control now.
Nice try.

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I know France were down to 14 men but this has been an impressive win for Ireland away from home.

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Switched on for the second half of England’s cruise to victory…

Good to see all the players on the pitch for a change.
No yellow or red cards in this game. (10 mins left)

Spoke too soon


Spoke too soon :unamused:


I have a funeral in Sth Wales on Wednesday, so thought I would keep an eye on how well Wales is doing theses days…., :roll_eyes:

About as good as Jonathan Davies commentary, so far.

So that’ll be abysmal then.

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Nicely balanced out with Andrew Cotter though.

I just caught the last five minutes of the Wales first half and they made so many mistakes in that time :rofl:


No strength in leadership (unsurprisingly).

When did Paul Calf start playing for Wales?

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This is bit better


Scotland’s arses have collapsed

Great match, full on entertainment!

I’ll take that.

The young guys put in a great effort in the 2nd half. Great turn around but, sadly, it takes two halves to win. The youngsters have now been “blooded”. Time to step up now lads.