Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Playing 15s with Loughborough Students as he’s now started a degree, got fed up with all training and very little playing with 7s.



I hadn’t looked but I’d assumed they’d be playing them this Autumn. Surprised to see the AB’s taking games with France, Scotland & Wales this Autumn but not England. They avoided each other last Autumn too as I recall


Maybe just as well


Hmm. the Lions blunted their attack not so long ago. Next year will be interesting.


It is already between Worcs and Not Nots who goes down to the Championship this season, Difficult call, probably the Not Nots.


Useful to locate and see which league your local clubs are in.


Going for a Darwin award? Worth scrolling down for the video.


What a stupid twat.

Our former Company Secretary picked up a Tiger cub at a park (against advice from the wardens) and had his arm ‘clawed’ The resulting mess took 6 months to heal.

He was a stupid twat too.


He failed to make the Lions squad.


Really great game between Tigers and Chiefs, Youngs on fire.


Bristol got murdered at the scrum today and failed to hold on to the ball. I’m still trying to work out how they came away with a bonus point win, and Ealing left with nothing.


Looking forward to Quins V Sale on good 'ol BT Sport.


I have ceded control of the telly to my niece, so I am settling for the Cardiff-Newport game on t’internet.


Watching Clermont batter Northampton. What the fuck happened to Paul Hill, can’t get on the bench even.

Jamal Ford-Robinson you have to laugh, how the fuck did he get so far? Hands of butter and can’t scrummage.


Bristol cast-off…JFR


Saw him play for Leicester and Cambridge after Leicester let him go. I remember him playing for Cambridge and him dropping the first 4 passes to him. Work has been done, but he’s not quality. Bristol picked him up from Cambridge.


Interesting article & discussion below


England team for autumn internationals.


Wade’s defence has been so much better, but he still can’t break through.