Rugby A Game For Gentlemen



The Coventry Nomads have slowed him down this season, he is definitely a yard and a half slower, he looks bulked out too much. I would have kept him smaller and faster, as that is his thing. Lots of big lumps out there.

He should forget about England and just be a better Christian Wade, forget Aussie Eddie and his bulking out strategy and just get fast again.


All Blacks looking quite ordinary


looking a lot better in the 2nd half


Here we go!


Good job Argentina can’t kick to save their lives


Bit stale that.


Very ordinary.


Wales v Aus is pretty good so far.


Good show by Wales, but once again the sheep shaggers fail to beat the criminals. Back to Warrenball next match then.


Flattering scoreline, but who cares. Crims stuffed!


That was a last ten romp.
Almost feel a bit bad for them.



I do love a good Haka.

A good many points coming up, methinks


The Scotch lads are doing well so far


So near and yet so far,
I thought Stuart Hogg was going to win it on his own in the end.
Scotland could do with a few more of him


Well played Scotland and to England for thrashing the Shackle Draggers.


I watched the Wales and Scotland games and both were good games. Georgia really should have beaten Wales. Wales look totally disjointed and I can’t see them getting anywhere near winning the 6N. Scotland on the other hand look very good and have two stars in Hogg and the better of the Gray brothers.

Watched the highlights of the England game and had to turn the sound off as some shrill bitch was talking crap.


South Africa beating France by a point was fun.


Scotland starting well!


What was the red card? I missed the first half