Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Argies smashing the Boks now

After half an hour it’s Arg 24-7 SA


Great performance by Argentina. Had to soak up some pressure in second half, but did it well and ended the stronger team.

Arg 32-19 SA


It’s half-time. Bristol’s first game back in the Premiership

Bristol 6 - 0 Bath

I was not expecting that!


Loving watching rugby rather than boring footy.

Really interesting game as a Bristol supporter. Bristol will need a more accurate passing 10 and some centres who can break the line.

Bath have gone for size in their back line.

Really impressed with Luatua, a monster.

I expect Underhill to be injured most of the season the way he plays, he’s a dumb ass.

Not impressed with Tusi Pisi at all.

I would expect 3 Bath subs 10 minutes into the second half.


Will Hurrell was in my local over the summer, sat in the garden with pint and fag in hand. Old school. :heart_eyes:

Still cannot fathom why Bath signed Jamie Roberts.


Quins supporters are very happy to be rid of the smashman.


Loughborough Students team this season. Can’t be arsed to go to crap hole Ampthill on Sat.


Yeeeeessss, lets get the conversion.




FT 17-10, fan bloody tastic.


Today watching Caldy Vs Birmingham & Moseley at Caldy, Sat next to the shed they call a club house.



Leeds Vs Richmond


Really enjoyed the Quins Vs Barf game, Quins forwards too lightweight.


Me too. Try fest!

Nice to see Argentina and SA getting away wins this morning.


Shocked by NZ loss, that won’t happen again this season.


Another win for Bristol. Beginning to think we will stay up now :thinking:


Sale or Worcs to go down in my book.


After the nonsense of EJs England beasting camp selection, my team for the up coming SH games.

Hartley (only because all others have fluffed their chances)
Harry Williams
Underhill (even though he is dumb)
Yarde (as he’s in form)

A mix of creativity and brute force.


£90 for foo shirt