Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Funniest try ever :rofl::rofl::rofl:


How many ways can France contrive to lose this game?



Theyve been awful in the second half. Unbelievable errors.


Its really bizarre, so many really stupid mistakes, by Wales first half and France second.


Well that was fun, great result!


Cant believe that France manged to butcher a 16pt lead at home


Lack of leaders for France. You play percentages when 3 scores up, and they didnt.


Tidy, mun. Merci aux Francais pour les cadeaux.


What is it they say " A game of two halves"? A game of 4 teams too Did they swap jumpers at half time? That was an appalling collapse by the french, what a shame as they were top tier in the first half, showed Wales up and picked holes in them everywhere. Not that I want the French to win so much as it was a more interesting game to watch, a bit of flair on show.


Theres always been the cliche about not knowing which French team will turn up on the day, but last night they refined it a little more to which French team will turn up for this half ! Wales must consider themselves a little lucky in the end.


I thought Guirado, Picamoles and Parra were key to France playing well. Once they were replaced, France lost their way a bit.

Conversely, Wales looked much more assured once Davies and Biggar came on at half-back.


Scotland coasting this one.
Added bonus is the BBC have Moore and Guscott on the Scotland game which means I dont have to listen to either of them in the England game.


Fantastic start




Indiscipline again :rage:



That was a bad one




Ireland hanging on to it a ridiculously long time on the floor.


Impressive first 40 from England. Well pleased with that performance.


England worth their lead, their gain line tackling has been immense, not letting Ireland get any forward momentum