Rugby A Game For Gentlemen


Don’t like the way this is going.


Wales have been succesful in slowing the game down and getting the ref involved




I think England are in the shit here…


Slow rumble to the end.

Time wasting.

England have kicked the ball to them all half. Stupidity.


Game over


Great 2nd half by Wales.


Same old, same old.:rofl:


Tidy, mun.



Epic !


We’ll deserved. England very poor. No ambition and almost too comfortable 1st half. The match could’ve been won then but they seemed complacent.


Well played Wales


The turning point was Wales’ 1st try, 35 phases and not a single error. Superb discipline and grit.


Wales were very cute at the breakdown, rolling or pulling the ball back into the ruck via the scrum half or ball carrier.
Why do we have to hear Eddie Cunt Butler on commentary?


It’s payback for having John Cunt Inverdale as host.


Italy leading Ireland 16-12 at half-time!


Yes, watching that out of one eye on the laptop and watching the footy on the telly with the other one.

Italy have played well. How long they can keep going for in the second half remains to be seen.


Great start by Bristol against the old enemy.


Bristol 9, don’t like him.


He is a bit ponderous around the breakdown sometimes. Nice try though.