Ryder Cup


Cracking day of golf today.


Thank you, I came second in a club comp today, how did you know?


Played better today, won a mixed greensomes comp… :grinning:

Presidents Cup tomorrow!


Molinari and Fleetwood - what a pair :+1:


Yes indeed.
It is boiling up to a big day tomorrow.
I am not sure why but the USA have never been great playing as a team.
They are very dangerous in the singles though


Fancy the USA to win the singles quite easily tomorrow - could well end up a 14-14 draw.


Woods seems a bit overwhelmed. Not sure if I would put any money on him to win.


Some wet balls and wonderful putting today.
The rough is making the fairway a must hit!

Rahm’s celebration was great, as was his interview.


Awesome win by Europe.


Great win for Europe.:golf:

Molinari must be the Overseas Sports Personality of the Year - shame there is no betting on it.




If there is a hard Brexit does that mean no more Ryder Cup?


That final putt


What an end.


No. The Ryder Cup will continue.
Just with no British players :grinning: