Oh ya. Salty Bae that’s me that is.

Ginger mitt is ginger…


I think you need a dictator in shot too. Mr Bae usually does.

black salt is where it’s at

pink salt is so 1990s

Fuck me, foo salt :roll_eyes:

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Rice balls flavoured with salt made from human sweat

Surely foo salt is the same as cables are to hi fi

This forum has reached the wam circa 2015


Too much like a suntan for the ginger tribe, so pink salt it is until you can get salt with freckles.

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You can of course combine salt foo with coffee foo

red salt

I’ll ass-salt you lot in a minute.


in the bath?

Salt and Battery

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Like everything Welsh, Welsh Salt is the best. The flavoured ones are especially good.

In India it’s eaten sprinkled on sweet stuffs, but I add to anything garlicky or onion-y - the sulphur smell really brings out the flavours.

Downside - it does smell a bit like dogfarts…

…but if the doggos eat it, do their farts smell like curry :thinking:


Ce sel de l’île de Ré est mariné dans un assemblage de vin rouge: Merlot et Cabernet.

Feckin’ lush.

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Looks like raspberry popping candy :grinning:

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The stuff that Jon made for me (with Cabernet Franc) looks a lot darker. I lot less “candy” looking.

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Foo salt for faff fantasists who are post cable wars.

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