Samsung a40 phone

Anyone on here have experience of these? My son has my hand-me-down iPhone SE but it’s nearly 4 years old and dying and hed like a bigger screen. The newer iPhones are a bit expensive new but this Samsung looks promising

I had an A series phone a few years ago.
Compared to the S series it was shit.
The worst phone I have ever owned…
It wasn’t that model and things may have changed.

My experience with the non premium Samsung phones is also old and poor. If I were going budget on Android I’d go for Motorola G series or OnePlus. Or take a wild punt on some shit direct from China.

^this, we use j series for work…absolute shite, unresponsive and when you throw the fucker at a wall it bounces back. Steer clear

Not a user, but this might help.

Motorola G series is excellent. I have a G7 atm.

Thanks. I’d found a similar list elsewhere but that’s better

Looks look the Chinese bogey man phone is the one :+1:

Or maybe that Motorola…
I’ll let him do some checking but they’re all at a better price than the equivalent Apple…

work phone my mrs had nicked a couple of weeks ago was an A series, and she thought it was sh*t, although she says the replacement iPhone XR, is worse !!

Unfortunately due to certain Apps her company use she isnt allowed to use Android phones anymore

I’ve got an A70, it’s absolutely fine.

A bit Samsungy for my liking - I prefer plain Android if possible - but otherwise OK.

Thanks for the pointers

Lad uses it for WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and Spotify , mainly wants a bigger screen so any of the 3 will probably suffice , but means I can buy new so it should last a good while

The screen is one of the best aspects of them.

Claire has an A70, it’s fine, nice big vibrant screen and a reasonable camera. Doesn’t feel like a cheapie at all.

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A70 is a lot more spendy than an a40 though…

Is he on a contract or sim only?

he has a VOXI SIM, so i’m looking to buy the phone outright

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I think the screen tech is the same, albeit A40 screen is slightly smaller.

Cheers Mark, I’ll add the A40 to the list then,

so far its A40, G7, PSmart+ and PSmart

Motorola has the biggest battery by far, plus a lower res screen so battery life should be much better, but we’ll see what he wants.

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Just bought Ewan the new Motorola Moto G8 Power for his birthday.
£220 RRP (I stole it at £159 on e-Bay). 6.4 inch screen, 4GB RAM, 64GB expandable storage, 5000 mAh battery, Quad camera, Android 10, twin stereo speakers, headphone socket.
Really impressed with it TBH.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Dual SIM 128GB 6GB RAM Green