Saucy laptops


Good point- maybe it runs a mean Voight - Kampff test.


If the resolution is the same on the laptop screen and the phyiscally bigger one, that is not the case.


More like it.


It’s interesting that phone makers are helping to evolve the laptop. Someone give me a nudge when Pornhub go to market - Danke.


Maybe they’re branching out as their telecoms arm is being viewed suspiciously in some quarters.


One country is standing by Huawei: Papua New Guinea said this week it would go ahead with an agreement for Huawei to build its internet infrastructure.

If it’s good enough for PNG, it’s good enough for me.


Hahaha. PNG’s internet infrastructure. Good luck to them building that.


Looks good I’m in the market for a new laptop and was going to go for another Dell but might go for one of these.


Lenovo is my advice, Dell not bad, HP overpriced shite. ASUS have a rep for being a bit crap on the build quality.


Old world order.


Yep, just get Android device, pretty soon that is all there will be along with Apple.


Interestingly the new Google tablet laptop hybrid thing is a Chromebook rather than Android. Apparently it’s pretty good.


Love the Lenovo for durability and reliability, but a brick of a power adapter, Dell - currently have the XPS 13 but the battery has dwindled to 30 minutes about 14 months after buying it and now occasionally freezing etc in my job I need to trust it. Also not a fan of the dongle situation.

Not so much choice really.


Internet planning committee