Saucy laptops


£1500 but I would be all over this like a cheap suit.


I would’ve thought HP would be the natural choice.


you are joking, right?


Can the keyboard withstand my hammer action typing style? It’s historically why I buy ThinkPads.


Saucy laptops

HP (sauce)



I love the screen ratio. I have never understood why laptops went 16:9 or wider, when business users never use them for movies. For business applications it’s a nightmare.


It do like the look of it - my wife just got a one of their phones after years using Samsung and loves it.


For Excel spreadsheets widescreens are brilliant


A 24" widescreen is fine for Excel, but a 13-15" laptop loses too much to the numerous bars top and bottom of the screen







You still lose too much.

At my work (I am/was an Excel financial modeller) I used an old 22" 4:3 monitor in preference to the fancy new 24" widescreen ones. Doing stuff on the laptop was impossible.


I’d have been tempted to get a 24" widescreen and then put it into portrait mode tbh.




Obviously never used one in anger.


Meh. Not a patch on an Asus NX-90, stuffed full of B&O design goodness.


I can’t begin to imagine how much a cock you’d look using one of those.


‘Siri, show me what the set designer of Airwolf thought the computer of the future would look like.’

I assume the screen is green on black only and it plays a mean game of Horace goes skiiing?




Perfect, if your office looks like this -