I got home today to find a grey Fee To Pay card from the PO detailing an amount due of just under £36. The name on the card is not my name.

I am waiting for a couple of records from over the pond, but the charges on them would not be more than around £15-16, including the £8 handling fee.

So, I put the barcode into the PO website, and the name of the sender is “Stoke Glass”. Googling this + “USA” takes me to a company making glass paraphernalia.

This is all very weird. I have checked my bank account and cc; nothing untoward there.

All very odd.

Prob just an address fuckup. Maybe drop it back to the PO?

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The fee is the post office and tax man.
So not a scam.
If you pay the correct address. Check it’s not a card that has a very similar online payment address that mimics the proper one.

It could be the classic misdirection, a copy of the normal card with altered payment details.
Just talk to the depot it’s at.
As it’s tied to what seems like a genuine parcel it’s less suspicious. Even then the barcode could be falsely linked to a parcel the conmen sent as the trap.

Like Paul says, it is probably just incorrectly addressed. I will pop into the depot tomorrow.

Dunno why, but my immediate thought was SCAM!!!

If it asks you to pay direct at PO then no?

Online, maybe…

You can pay online to Royal Mail these days Steve, we’re not completely stuck in the Victorian era.

Think it probably is just a mis addressed card.


Fucking experts :roll_eyes:


I prefer the trusted negotiable instrument and quill.

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The name on the card is Dickie.


It is definitely misaddressed…

My experience with Royal Mail a couple of weeks ago whilst trying to pay duty for an item from China was that the ‘You can pay online’ didn’t work so I had to queue in a Post Office to buy stamps. Then when I went to collect the item at one of the times written on the card that the office would be open it wasn’t. That the Royal Mail staff were too lazy/busy to bother to put correct information on the card is very disappointing at the least. Be prepared to waste your time on this … Good luck!

Pay the money.
Then contact the real Dickie and tell him it’s double.
Blame capitalism.

Looking at the Stoke Glass website, I have no need for a psychedelic, technicolour glass bong. Dickie will just have to wait while it is shipped back to the US and sent out again.

Glass paraphernalia…pay the fee for the AA reveal.

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Some kind of elaborate rabbit device for Mrs Waxy?

Pot man’s mellow has been whittled - He’ll get over it.