Schick tonearm to SME fit

Do any of you know if it is possible to buy/make an adaptor plate to allow a Schick tonearm to fit an SME cut out?



Some of the Ortofon 309 sliding bases can be made to fit (See pic below). Not sure if Thomas makes one?

I’ve dropped him an email, see what he comes back with. I assume the ortofon ones need modifying for a three point fixing, I think that’s what the Schick has?

Not sure but sounds like the sort of thing Johnnie at Audio Origami could help with.

Is it the kind of thing Speedy Steve could make?

Can’t you make an adapter out of hardwood?

I don’t have the arm so need some one who can get the dims and make one that will fit. Will have a word with them both tomorrow.

Thomas has recommended a shop in HK that sells adjustable bed plates for just this. Have sent them an email, will Report back when I know more.

It’s not just the sliding bed plate I use but also the mounting collar. The Schick is a three point and will not fit on an SME or Ortofon bedplate. The ‘collar’ can me made flimsy or thick - Here’s a brass one on an SME sliding base for the GM MKII (which originally came with a standard x3 pint collar a la Schick)

This is the one Thomas e mailed me. It’s a 19mm bore complete with grub screw meaning the Schick 3 point mounting collar can be set aside. waiting to hear back from the shop on prices.


Yes the pillar of the Schick is quite thin, Bob can you let me know the costings on these? - I quite fancy the black one!

Will do Matt, not had a reply from the shop yet. Will email them again today.


He replied to tell me they sell them, I can see this will be slow and painful. :slight_smile:

Google translate is king of confusion with SE Asia.

It will be around a hundred landed. Ordering one up, I’ll let you know what it’s like when it arrives.

Hello Bob I see you ordered the sliding base for your Schick tonearm could you please pass on the contact so I can order one. Thank you in advance Vince

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I don’t think Bob actually bought one of these bases Vince.
I emailed Thomas Schick a while ago and he suggested they weren’t very well built and you would lose more than you gain…I believe Steve from Magna Audio has made some previously so personally I would suggest looking there…?