Science says blokes should should masturbate 21 times a month

Perhaps toss offs should be held in conjunction with bake offs.

Looks like someone needs to bring the rich tea biscuits to the next bake off.

Wanking whilst fishing is the new wanking.


I’m investing all my money in Kleenex shares this morning.

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Only 21? :stuck_out_tongue:

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What ? On top of all the sex ? That’s the sort of thing that leads to a bloke taking three years to build a 300B amp.



21 times a month?

I’m lucky if I can get away fishing 4 times a month and I’m already banned from two of the good Carp lakes.


River season has just started Guy! :+1:

As social mores continue to plummet, it is possible to suppose public wanking will, some magical day, become acceptable. Does the expression of gratitude, joy, appreciation excitement etc strike you to be insincere and limited by culturally accepted ‘clapping and cheering’? (Worse still the insidious Murcan whooping)
Can we not look forward to a genuine and honest time when man is free to furiously masturbate in car showrooms upon purchase of a new car? Down the corner shop when £5 is won on a scratch card? Or indeed at the opera - have you ever shouted Bravo at the moment of climax? It is most authentic.
Of course this is noting new to anglers who have quite accurately been labeled wankers for in excess of 75 years.


Honest guv’, it was only groundbait :smiley:

I first read that as “wanking whilst fisting” :muscle: