Scone wars

  • Team Devon
  • Team Cornwall

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Was never really bothered before but for science I have now done ‘extensive testing’ and it’s Team Devon for me. Much easier to spread cream on the unsullied scone surface then put the jam on, and dare I say it, better mouthfeel.


Mouthfeel. I like that word.

Smear cream on then a dollop of jam for me.

Team Cornwall (despite having lived in Devon for a decade). Your scone should still be warm from being baked at the point of consumption. If you put the cream on first, the heat starts to melt it. If you put the jam on first, it acts as an insulator to stop the cream from melting.

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In the microseconds between smear and gobble that does not matter.

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Jam then cream, anything else is weird

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Butter (salted obvs) first, then jam, then clotted cream.


The Devon way is the only way, anything else has much RONG about it.

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It’s a short churn from cream to butter. Cream first, do you jam then butter bread?

The correct way to eat a scone is in halves i.e open top - The Fucking weird Cornish way is about eating the scone as a whole (Closed sandwich) - This is not possible if you have a decent sized scone and have understood the point is to balance as much cream and jam as is humanly possible.

The Queen apparently eats them as a closed sandwich with jam first, dainty it may be but hardly indulgent - Therefor missing the entire point.

P.S The first cream tea was served in Tavistock Abbey - DEVON 997AD.

The Devon method of Cream first supersedes her Maj as a stamp of approval in my book because.

Also a gentleman cannot align with this sort of nincompoop.

Made up names:

It took a lot of hard work to restore the Abbey, and the task was undertaken by Ordulf, Earl of Devon. His father Ordgar, Earl of Devon, had been responsible for establishing the Abbey in the first place.

If you put jam first then you can’t get as much cream on, as it tends to slip off. And nobody needs that.

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anyone hybridized the toppings?

laughing cow
peanut butter
whipped cream
popping candy’s-biggest-debate-settled-–-jam-or-cream-first-on-scones-(1)/

save your trolling for pfm, your powers of food deviancy don’t work here.

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^ This, dear folk, is how you get a ban.

No one should have to put up with this level of deviantry.


Jam first, then the bacon, topped with chilli sauce :+1:


Anyone tried vegan cream?


File next to: ‘spoiled masturbation’.

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