Sealed vinyl for sale

Ask for prices


£40 posted.

Shelby Lynne & Muddy Waters?

£55 posted

Reality Discogs £38 - £46 plus p-p

Yeah. Few colour options with price adjustments. I just about noted this is the orange one (the black is cheaper… so I’m dithering).
I saw the tour and got the dvd… no t shirt though.

Discogs Shelby £19 - £72. Muddy £10- £15

Just pricing mid Discogs which isn’t sealed prices.


£2k plus p&p

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Cool. Sort it out when I get home later.

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Horn Rocks and John Mayer prices please

£38 posted.

How much for just the post and packing

I pay you £3.99

Whats your returns policy ? And can i pay by credit card?

Western Union only.