Second system

Do we really need another Willy Waving thread ?


I think you’ll find a lot of the systems are cobbled together with odds and sods.

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Then maybe that’s where the topic needs to go rather than everybody trying to outdo everybody else.

It just gets fucking boring.


It was in no way meant to come across like that.

I thought it might be nice to have a HiFi related thread.

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So far, after the first couple of posts, it reads like this, “I’ve got 3 systems”, “I’ve got 5”, I got boxes I haven’t opened", “I’m running out of space.”

Dull !

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Time of the month? U OK hun?




Awww bless… It’s a good job you posted that before the hardened drinkers, grumpy fuckers and trolls really got going on here today. It might have been very nasty otherwise…:pleading_face:.


What the fuck for? It’s only a stereo.

Plans are coming together for the ‘Hermit years’ / system 2 -
Trying to build in a BBQ and pizza oven and one of those refuse shoots you can just bung stuff down so as not to have to deal with plebs and what not. Oh and a conveyor belt from x-large post box to hermitage central so I can take in parcels without porn hub interruption.


wow I am jealous of all the rooms you must have

oh and are you counting you phone and car as a system.

I cant see any sockets for your vibrators

I had one of them once, nice, kept it for a few years and it became an Old DAC

No i use my phone foe calls and texts and my car is not an extension of my house its a car . Sorry quite new posting on here and was not aware that the concensus is that if you answer a post with the truth then it is considered willy waving or showing off . I have the systems in my house to listen to music where I go . Ihave the rooms because i am old and all my children have left and I am just too lazy to put the house up for sale and move out . I do not see the systems I have as anyhting special just tools to be able to listen when I am on the internet , ironing my clothes , or cooking . The items packed away are a disgrace as they should be used but I have given some systems away over the years and just view these as too good not to sell . Sadly despite listing them no one else seems that interested so maybe i just have bad taste in equipment .


When your bedroom system doesn’t fire directly up your duvet and isn’t considerably bigger than this, there is probably a lack of commitment occurring


I suspect a double bed is unnecessary.


Nowt wrong with a bedroom system, is there @coco :grinning:


Could use a nice 18" firing down the chimney

Paragraphs are nice, I always think.


fnar fnar