Selling kit to a dealer

We need the space, so I need to offload my B&W CM9s, and might even get rid of an Onkyo pre/power combo and an Analogue Works turntable at the same time.

I am aware that some used-hifi dealers will arrange couriers or pick up stuff themselves.

Has anyone got recommendation on the dealer front, please?

Is it not worth trying the forums first for better money?

I guess I won’t know the answer to that until I know what a dealer might offer. I am willing to take a hit on the money for the convenience.

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An online dealer will be paying fees of some form and tax + overheads in many cases along with binding their money up in stock. For them to make this model viable in any way, they will offer 40-50% of the average selling price (A bricks & mortar dealer even more so) If it were high value easy to sell items the offer may be would be more, many will offer part ex too.

As everyone is a dealer these days thanks to eBay / forums etc. Many dealers are reliant on sellers who can’t be assed or need the money pronto to survive.

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If you’re not in a hurry for funds you can do a commission sale with a dealer, that way you don’t take such a hit. I’ve done it quite a bit with reasonable success, most recently with Russ at HiFi House.


Typically when you buy 2nd hand gear from a dealer you get 3 or 6 months warranty,
Does the dealer give this when selling on consignment?