Sept 26th - Vintage electronics and audio sale north of That London

A date for your diaries if you’ve missed the chance to wander from stall to stall, checking over what people have finally decided to get rid of …

I’ve been going to this one, which is held annually (but not in 2020, obvs), for years. The venue is just a short drive from the M40, a few miles south of Leamington Spa.

I’ve already booked myself a couple of stalls and I was talking to Jack, nonsmokingman from the 'Wam, the other day and he’ll have a stall too. Richard and John Howes (Audiojumble) always sell there, and you’ll no doubt see other familiar faces. If you’ve got the odd item to sell then a nice feature is that they run a Bring and Buy stall where, for 10% of the selling price, they’ll put your kit on their tables and do their best to shift it for you. I’ve seen real bargains go there !

As with all these events, even if you don’t actually buy anything the chance to meet up with mates, transfer items you’ve sold in advance, gawk at what some people will pay for a woodworm-infested wreck of a pre-war telly (several £k !) makes for A Good Day Out.



Just a quick reminder.

Is anyone else thinking of going ?

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Not sure it would count as a family day out for KettleJnrs 1&2 so probably not, so it depends what is happening after the show?

Normally everyone packs up their unsold and newly bought stuff, if any, and goes home. You do see the occasional child there, but I’m not sure how much fun they’re having.

Timing’s off for me, which is a shame, cos I’ve got shedloads of stuff old-and-new to try and offload before it goes for landfill.