September bake, off gathering thing

Greggs are on stand-by…

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And of course with Rob on the list…

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But but i’m on a diet!

That’s why there is only one lorry for yours rather than three.

Isn’t that the one he nicked a couple of years ago? :innocent:


Jesus, I thought i’d paid you off!?

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I don’t like Toblerones, or more accurately, empty wrappers.


I spent a lot of time and energy making those look like they hadn’t been eaten already, you should appreciate the effort I went too.

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I have pm’d my address etc to all and sundry either here or elsewhere, if you need any more info let me know
looking forward to insulting you all in person on saturday


Thanks to Colin and Maggs for a cracking day yesterday; it was just what I needed after a shitty week at work. Great to catch up with everyone for some banter, food and tunes.

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It was a grand day ! Enjoyed by all …

It was a smashing day.
Lovely system and great house.
Thanks Colin

Great day, I’m still not hungry :yum:

Some good tunes too

thanks for turning up, it was a very enjoyable day, well apart from that bag pipe bit. Good to have the company of a few like minded reprobates

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sorry, Col

:flushed: you didn’t Dave, surely?

More likely a colostomy bag with this lot, so count your blessings.

It wasn’t like a solo Scotland the Brave or anything… pipes (and other windy things) mixed in with a good beat and other instruments. A bit punk-folky. I think that Col was a bit hyper-sensitised after his Edinburgh street experience. Give it a try if you dare:
The Treacherous Orchestra

grovel - having just played it again, the pipes are a bit prominent