September bake, off gathering thing

I know its a long way away, and maybe too many sleeps for you to plan that far ahead. Providing nothing else goes arse over tit we intend to have a bake off at our place in Scunthorpe on the 23rd September. We have had way too many people before, and will hopefully do so again. It should start about 11.00 am, and finish after 8.00 sometime.
We can have two systems running, and will welcome absolutely anything to build and swap a system in the second room.

OK so that’s
setting son
occasional thinker
I Russell
shipbreaker steve
I think after 15 ish) its subs list

Ahem… :wink:

I bloody know you are coming, but was keeping it quiet

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Aaaah, don’t scare anyone off.
I like your thinking…

's all right Steve, you can just slip under the door, no-one will notice :wink:

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Here’s Johnny!

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we have a guard

I thought there’d more likely be a comment that I appear to have four hands…
Mind you, I am from Yorkshire.

People were waiting to see what music you were pushing through :slightly_smiling_face:.


I was more concerned about the draft under a door with that much gap, think of the expense…ARGH!

I presume you are using the word “music” in it’s widest possible context…

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does ‘music’ actually cover it

At least it’s not Ascension…


That’s your favourite album. You need an Albert Ayler box set. Next.

Hi Colin,

Get the cakes out, I can make this.

Is that on the ‘Island’ label?


I’d like to flow with the westerly wind and partake of acoustic revelry. My intention was to tack easterly and meet at esteemed sons latest food fest but higher opinion than mine took down the sail. By Sept. My cyborg heart will be programmed and after ( sore) testing will have that rather essential rock n roll beat back . Hana SL is on board as mate and has an entertaining sextant . We will dock together revisiting SunnY Scunny. ( sub list please if ‘full’)


I trust that they put in a low-jitter clock and full Kondo wiring! All the best, hope to see you at Colin’s.


Dave and Dean you are both more than welcome, even if Dean signing up does mean a extra trip to the baker’s.