Setting bias on an Audio Note Arm

That would test any friend’s patience.

If Jesus returns, will he have sense of humour to do so on a bike? That would be uber-cool.

Covet not thy neighbour’s Chopper…


Puts in a grocer’s, leaves out the comma - double fale. :person_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


On the plus side, he was spot on regarding the number of friends I have.

I would have preferred a more patient one, but needs must.

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Total fail finding a needs must when the Devil drives gif. Fucking hundreds of Christ on a bike gifs and memes. Says it all about the interwebs these days…

As mentioned before I blame ITA/Pitman for my crap grammar.

Just the thing to mess up a 8-9 year old who struggled with reading.

I didn’t believe you, so I checked for myself.

Happy to confirm that Satan’s propaganda dept is way behind God’s when it comes to fully embracing the power of the gif.

Get thee behind me you unbeliever!

There are no decent gifs for that either.

The internet is shit.

Small mercies when you think about it…

Pm me your address and I will post today.

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This arrived today, courtesy of mickbald (thanks Mick):