Setting bias on an Audio Note Arm

In the process of setting up the hifi again after a hiatus.

My Audio Note Arm One uses the old school fishing line/weight bias system, and I’ve no idea where to start with it. With my previous (Rega) arms, I would just move the slider to whatever value was recommended and leave it there.

Audio Note’s ‘instructions’ are (to put it politely) somewhat vague.

Any tips?


Do you have a test disc?

Nope. Any recommendations?

Set it in the middle!

More seriously, do you have a record that is a challenge on the inner grooves? A nice crescendo? Can you hear distortion on one channel more than the other?

Increasing the tracking force will decrease the distortion on both channels, so you could reduce tracking force (by say 0.25g), balance the distortion, then restore the tracking force.

Or you could use Qobuz…

Frankly, that all sounds like a pain in the arse.

Still, it’s gotta be done.

I have a lot of experience with these arms and invariably the best position is with the weight fully pushed in. Just stick it there and it will be fine.

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I think I have a spare test disk. I’ll be home tomorrow so will check. If I have you can have it.

That would be awesome.


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The least amount of anti-skate is the best amount of anti-skate, especially if you mostly play 33.3rpm - all you’re doing is counteracting centrifugal forces. Modern styluses which track well should need little or no anti-skate.

NB: If your tonearm tends to drift left or right when lifted off a record, something is out of kilter somewhere - perhaps the deck is not horizontal for example. That said some tonearm designs can be prone to it - tho’ not IME the ANUK ones.

Try without anti-skate first and check channel balance - this is why a test record is useful, but something super-familiar is good. You should be familiar with channel balance in it. If you happen to have the same piece on CD and vinyl you could try switching between the two to see if they match.

Otherwise, the nearer to the centre pivot of the tonearm, the less the anti-skate will be, so as suggested, try the least possible and use your lug’oles.


Ironically, the very suggestion of setting by ear fills me with dread, as my ears are way past being in any way reliable.

Irony is ironic, I know.

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Same, fwiw. I guess the least amount of anti-skate possible - at least that way you can be reasonably sure you’re not wearing your records unevenly!

Well said. I’d be quite concerned about record wear, even if I’m too mutton to be able to detect it*.

*Jesus, is it time for me to give in and take up golf?

Thanks, I will try that.

You’re long past golf. Bowls?

Holy shit, too old for golf?


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Possibly croquet.

Almost certainly.

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Whist or bridge more like.

Or if you have no friend’s patience.