Settle 2022 Sep 16-18th

Edit July 22:

Settle 22 is go! We have a booking for the bunkhouse and barn at Hornby Laithe from Friday Sep 16 to Sunday Sep 18 2022.

It’s now time to get a definite list of who is going, and to collect subs. The barn is £1100 this year and I’m budgeting £300 for food, so cost for the weekend will be £70. The barn owners did not charge us full price for last year’s cancelled event, so it’s £50 if you paid in full last year. I’ll pm everyone signed up with their cost for this year and payment details.

Please confirm in the thread below if you definitely intend to go. Prompt payment appreciated because I have sent the balance for the barn.

Who’s going:

octh Dave PAID
thebiglebowski Chris PAID
malbec Dave PAID
mickbald Mick PAID
Valvebloke Graeme PAID
coco Pete PAID
Myrman Nick PAID
pmac Paul PAID
Jim Jim PAID
browellm Mark PAID
mickyricky Micky PAID
AmDismal Adam PAID
Rob998 Rob PAID
edd9000 Edd PAID
catcando Gregg PAID
PapaLazarou Phil PAID
freefallrob Rob PAID
pbg Paul PAID


Deck/arm/cart BobC (401/312/Hana)
freefallrob (KAM d/d)
octh (Aiwa 2600)

Phono SAP7 (Paradise)
freefallrob (Rega Fono MM)
octh (custom MC)
catcando (Ray Samuels Nighthawk mm/mc))


CDP mickyricky (Linn CD 12)
octh (Rotel RCD2)

octh (Topping D50s)

Preamp papalazarou (Kondo M7)

Amp BobC (BP 300b, 8W)
SAP7 (Perreaux 255i integ inc phono + dac)
catcando (Hegel 160 integ)
thebiglebowski (Lyngdorf)
freefallrob (T-amp)
malbec (Minuet valve integrated)

Speakers catcando (Spirit wind standmounts)
freefallrob (B&W DM2)
thebiglebowski (Pensil 11)
octh (Revox Plenum B or Troels Ellam Flex)

BBQ mickbald (Weber 57)
papalazarou (Weber mini)
catcando (Weber mini)

Pizza oven papalazarou (Ooni)
Rob998 (Ooni)


Looking forward to it!

On my way. It’s a long way from darn sarf

All in. Thanks

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I’m in with my valet @malbec .

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Me please !

Yes please Dave.

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Yes please, I’, determined to get to one of these!

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That’s an end date for my plinth build in the diary.

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I think I can make it
Next year can we make it the week before or after. 18th is not good for me.

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Yes please Dave.

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Yes please Dave.

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Dave lost track of finances - do you need a deposit?

Is this a certainty? Dates question.
Before I double book!

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Yes, definitely on, on the dates shown (Friday Sep 16 to Sunday Sep 18 2022).


Think I can make this. Let me know if there’s room.


Plenty of room

Do you need any payment yet Dave?

Not just yet Micky

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Thanks for reviving this thread, need to book the Saturday off work, or throw a sickie, so I’ll be there.