Sheffield bake-off May 21st


PM with address sent to all. Let me know if you haven’t got it.
Room for another one or two if anyone’s interested.


Normally would, but last home game of the season and all.


I can’t Ms ICHM commitments and her new house. Bugger.


I have a pair of corner bass traps I dont need. If anyone coming wants them let me know and Ill bring them with me




Could I try them please?


You and Tim both asked at the same time (Tim on the Wam) you could have one each or fight it out in the garden :smile:


Tim’s got more bass issues than me, and I know where he lives :slight_smile:


Have you got any speakers that can produce bass? :stuck_out_tongue:


Shots fired.


Said the man who had the little Harbeths :smile:


Only if I plug in every pair I’ve got, I’m beginning to hoard speakers as well as TT’s :wink:


You need more amps then:grinning:


Thanks to everyone who came along for bringing the cakes and sausages, kit and music. Good banter as usual - a very enjoyable day.


Any pics or were they all too fugly? :grin:


The kit or the humanoids? :grin: I didn’t take any pics but ffr may have some.


Thanks for a very enjoyable relaxed day Dave, really enjoyed it :slight_smile:.

I did take a few snaps on my phone but not until later on (I forgot earlier), I’ll stick them on tonight.


I just took one of the attic system which sounded brilliant. The most attractive things there were the cakes :heart_eyes: The resident food magician Dean made a bag of doughnuts disappear within seconds. :grin:


Thanks Dave, most enjoyable. Special mention to Vlad for his own designed Phono stage and amp :grinning:


I hadn’t realised he built it. Sounded very good.


There appears to be more speakers on the left …

Fake news :smile: