Shelf over chest freezer

We are thinking of moving the garage freezer into the kitchen as we are under using it and either eating cook from frozen shite or takeaways which is costing a bloody fortune.
The problem is that any flat surface in the house is instantly covered in Lego, houseplants, unused kitchen appliances from the ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ category or junk mail.
I have this vision in my head of a shelf that will sit just over the chest freezer and then be able to be moved out of the way when access is required, thus allowing life’s detritus to be stacked precariously and yet not interfere with freezer operations.
Does such a thing exist? If so what google fu should I perform to find one.
Best I can think of at present is butchering a standing desk or some sort of sash window like affair. Nether of which really go with my general ‘couldn’t DIY my way out of a paper bag unless it’s rack shelving or ikea’ demeanour.

Just make it or pay someone to

As Shia says…

Just Do It Shia GIF by MOODMAN

Get rid of the chest freezer, you don’t need it.
It is full of shit you will eventually throw away.
Get a normal fridge freezer with a usable amount of space and stop spending a fortune storrng frozen crap.


Harsh, but fair.

The first law of the freezer is that, no matter what size, you will fill it up.

The second law of the freezer is that you will store loads of food for years before just throwing it away.

The third law of the freezer is that nobody apart from serial killers/island-dwelling batch-cookers actually needs a chest freezer.